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James Wyatt

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James Wyatt
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Jet Set Willy Meets Colossal Cave

  • By: James Wyatt
  • Year: 2000
  • Format: Z80
  • Size: 25Kb
  • Zip-file include: 1 Z80-file

Comments by Erix1:

Let's face it: Hell is being a small white bat!… (One of the most annoying rooms I've ever entered in a JSW-game, that's for sure… I'm glad Edward Martland sent me that walk thorough fire-poke… 38451,201). "Jet Set Willy meets Colossal Cave" is filled with secret passages, mazes and other crappy stuff designed to make your life miserable. It's obvious that the author hates you and tries to make you commit suicide. Luckily the JSW-engine is so thoroughly hacked you can get cheat pokes for nearly any obstacle ticking you off… Yes, I admit it! I cheated! I cheated as hell! I've been playing Bomb Jack for nearly two hours, and can't cope with this have-to-use-your-brain stuff! And, as if that was not enough, this Apple & Cinnamon Fruit & Herbal Tea tastes like piss! And, I have to go to work in a couple of hours and stay there 'til seven o' clock. That's not humane working hours! Why is everybody picking on me? I just want to be happy and play some Bomb Jack… Ok, this is clearly not my day, so I'll round this off by telling you JSW meets Colossal Cave ain't all that bad. The level design is pretty god damn cool, the secret passage stuff creates an interesting, somewhat different JSW-experience and the graphics looks pretty good too (Some of which have been seen before but you know… free software and all that…)

And now... the scores:
Game Play: * * * * * * * *
Graphics: 125
Sound: 200%

Download Colossal Cave
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