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J4 (the Fourth Remix)

  • By: Geoff Eddy, Iain Eddy and Alasdair Swanson
  • Year: 1999
  • Format: Z80
  • Size: 26Kb
  • Zip-file include: 1 Z80-file and 1 text-file
  • Download the game

    Now this is cool! The first thing you notice is that you have infinite lives automatically, for reasons that will become clear as you play the game. The game starts off with Willy in a field. He then climbs up onto a screen called 'Stairway to Heaven', above which, there is a surreal and colourful mishmash of excellently crafted rooms for you to explore.

    The words 'psychedelic', 'trip', and 'lysergic acid dithalamide' spring to mind as you play this one... the room names are surreal, and all have a cool distinctive quality about them. The game features new guardian types - most obviously in the form of horizontal guardians that charge along quicker than Willy (which is unusual and at times, scary), and guardians that travel one way, re-appearing at the beginning and looping. (this poses the question - who will be the first to incorporate these types into an editor?!)

    I love the room designs in this one, very pleasing to the eye, colourful, inventive and well laid out. Three designers were involved and (reading the documentation) apparently the rooms were bolted together from different sources. Although there is a slightly disjointed quality to the game because of this, it suits it fine.

    I love it, simple as that!

    Review written by the amazing Sendy - (Home Page)


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