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aka: Alex Cornhill
Location: UK-ish
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work' has started on strangel 2, subtitled 'the chaos engine' (partly inspired by the excellent shoot-em-up by the bitmap brothers on the amiga). it will be set in 'reality' but in the story, reality is being corrupted by a 'chaos engine' from the otherworld. thus you can expect to see natural locations in a distorted state!

also trying to finish death TV for summer, and get that MM thing done!


Strangel (128k)

STR-cecinestpas.gif (6505 bytes) STR-etgratification.gif (6835 bytes)
every now and again, strange and angelic folk such as willy need to slip into the alternate antimatter dimension known as the otherworld and solve a multitude of interplexed problems, restoring the karmic balance in the real world and keeping the balance of the forces intact, using pure intent to do good as their weapon as opposed to guns or nuclear explosives.

although willy is unaware of his special callings, you can tell that deep down he is a true angel, with unlimited reserves of patience and reason, and of course the willingness to walk into the thick of the fray without consideration for his own safety (although POKE 35899,0 has been known to summon up some 'dutch courage' ;).

STR-i nformation.gif (4733 bytes) STR-notlike.gif (4323 bytes)
nobody knows about willy's secret life in the otherworld, not even himself, because time in the otherworld is a different sort of time, and the structures and ethers in the otherworld are not compatible with real world memory. however, small fragments of experience may leak through, although the rational mind would probably 'reason' them away via the explaination of strange dreams.

do you know anyone who has weird dreams?

they may be responsible for more than you realise....

STR-suspbreak.gif (5318 bytes) STR-washingup.gif (4706 bytes)

guide willy to and through the multitudinous locations of the underworld, collecting 255 pieces of flashing useful magic matter, then jump the final uncrossable pit, hopefully rescuing woody.


this is my first 'official' game and therefore this one is everything that 'willy to the rescue' should have been (wttr was just a warmup, you hear?). have fun exploring it!

Where's Woody (128k)

Download Where's Woody
WW-notmegatree.gif (4251 bytes) WW-lakeyouth.gif (2235 bytes)
okay... we all know that maria was no good for willy, far too dominating and frigid and to be honest a bit frumpy. so finally seeing sense, willy leaves her, and his old (and quite frankly, rather impractical) mansion behind for a life of adventure with his best friend from school, woody. woody is not a square like maria and likes to go off and do different things, he has an interest in amateur archeology, and is often away, giving willy plenty of living space.

all is going well, when during one particularly long period of abscence, willy gets a rather alarming call on his nokia cellphone. on the line is a rather distressed-sounding woody, who is all in a flap and claims that he has fallen into a spot of bother somewhere in an unexplored alien world underneath dartmoor, whilst searching for artifacts from the bronze age.

WW-erix1sFinRm.gif (4378 bytes) ww-fkoff.gif (3697 bytes)
so willy drops everything and catches the bus to dartmoor (as one does), only to realise that his mobile phone is extremely low on power and just about to cut out. his phone manages to survive long enough for willy to extrapolate the vital pieces of information. needless to say, woody has fallen under a curse for disturbing an ancient alien colony, and is now stuck near the fire escape (yes, even alien colonies have fire escapes), which seems to be jammed.

apparently, the lair is littered with flashing 'useful magic matter' (or umm for short), which is capable of endorsing the collectee with limited special powers.

woody claims that after collecting 255 flashing objects of umm, he was able to leap over a giant chasm; the problem being that the magic has worn off and now he appears to be stuck.

although woody has taken some of the umm, he said he didn't take it all, and there might be enough left for willy to come and save him. he also mentioned something about a jump-pad, which enabled him to make a huge jump, and said something about bringing a tool to prize the exit open, because it's stuck fast.

upon starting the game you will find willy alone in the moorlands, and the rest is up to you.

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guide willy to and through the multitudinous locations of the underworld, collecting 255 pieces of flashing useful magic matter, then jump the final uncrossable pit, hopefully rescuing woody.


this is my first 'official' game and therefore this one is everything that 'willy to the rescue' should have been (wttr was just a warmup, you hear?). have fun exploring it!


Willy to the Rescue (48k)

Download Willy to the Rescue

Adam, who claims that he has been locked away deep in the long-lost underwater catacombs of xojad (yes, xojad) by a bizarre creature which looks identical to maria, and who is demanding that willy comes over, right now, and collects all 256 flashing objects from the tombs and caverns before midnight, or the chamber will give way, causing the ocean to come flooding in killing them both, and also causing the worldwide sea-level to drop by a staggering 0.0000012mm, which may have disasterous effects to certain wildlife *gasp*!

RESC-atthetop.gif (2795 bytes)

RESC-itsbadjim.gif (3481 bytes)

So, willy hires a boat to the island of xojad (there goes the last of his funds) and is dropped off on a sandy beach, in front of a huge pyramid. On the side of the structure is a horizontal entrance shaft, over which is an inscription "here lies the entrance to the long-lost tomb of xojad", so he guesses he's in the right place. He also wonders why nobody else has spotted the pyramid before, and why everybody had referred to it as 'long-lost' when he had found it in under an hour by reading a map. He deduces that the name is merely for effect.

That is where the story ends and the game begins. To the left lies the vast (nameless) ocean, and to the right, the entrance to the pyramid. Willy can't walk around the pyramid since he lives in a reality with only 2 spatial dimensions. This also means that technically he would run into problems ingesting and excreting matter in a continouous bodily system without falling apart, but we won't go into that here - far better just to get on with playing the game :D

RESC-ribena.gif (3130 bytes) RESC-nameinlights.gif (3332 bytes)
  • Year: 2000
  • Format: SNA
  • Size: 30Kb
  • Zip-file include: Game+Text file

Erix1's review & Summary: Believe it or not, Willy has left Maria and his old Mansion for a life of adventure with his gay lover, Adam. (Well, the text file doesn't really say that he's a homosexual , but one can read between the lines…) Anyway, during one of their many homo erotic archaeological dig-outs, Adams gets captured by a creature looking identical to the nightmarish Maria. So, Willy has to spend his last savings on a boat-for-rent, and sail on over to the long-lost underwater catacombs of Xojad to free his friend. Or, to make a long story short: Collect 256 colour cycling objects before midnight!

Well funny-bastard-stuff aside, I just completed this game (I have to admit that some degree of cheating was involved…) and had a hell-of-a good time doing so. What planning and time spent creating it are concerned, "Willy to the rescue" is pretty quick 'n' dirty. This is platform game- and retro computing-enthusiast Sendy's first crack at doing a JSW-game, and graphically it looks much like the Matthew-original. (All guardian-gfx including the paths they move along are left as they was, and much of the block gfx are the same…) Apart from the feeling of having seen some of this before, the Willy to the rescue absolutely rocks! The excitement builds up from the very start, when Willy is left alone in front of this gigantic pyramid in which Adam is locked up. Actually, one never gets to see Adam so I guess he's just an imaginary friend. (There goes my gay lover theory down the drains…Well, it could be an imaginary gay lover… The game ends with Willy puking his brains out anyhow…) The way the rooms are connected and the intriguing sub-titles (room names), force you to explore it, and probably keep playing it 'till all objects are collected and Maria has vanished. To round this up: What makes this game a winner, in my opinion, is the atmosphere and overall feeling of things. (Sure as hell can't be the new breath taking graphics…) I suspect Sendy's next Miner Willy-effort will be even better than this, (something which make this MinerTech-employee drool from excitement) so expect some pretty hefty software-releases in the near future.

W2RESC-illustration-ERIX1.jpg (30962 bytes)Rating: Incredibly downloadandplayable!

The good stuff:

  • Great atmosphere
  • The way the rooms are connected feels natural
  • Cool flash-effects (ex: "Mystic drainings" or "Ooh scary")

The bad stuff:

  • The pause mode bug has not been corrected, so you have to do that yourself before playing (35591-93 seems to be ok, though.). (…or at least zeroise 35522 and 35523 to remove automatic pausing.)
  • Mostly old graphics
  • Only available in SNA-format

Some hints Ripped from the text-file...

  • the rooms are connected in a fairly stable fashion, apart from a few dodgy connections which were implememted to make things slightly confusing.
  • don't go down a hole unless (a) you know it's safe because you've seen the screen below, or (b) you don't have to fall very far before you flick down a screen. this means don't fall a space of 1 or maybe 2 squares if you're feeling lucky.
  • you can actually drop down from the left side of 'inside and outside' down to 'anybody home'. i mention this because (a) it looks like it would kill you, and (b) you may want to backtrack after taking that route (although 'headz' really isn't as hard as it looks!).
  • don't go jumping into an unfamiliar room, unless you are fond of the multiple death scenario ;)
  • i've made it quite clear what the deadly blocks are (spikes, lava, stuff like that) but on occasions you will have to look closely at a room and use your powers of deduction.
  • you do not have to sacrafice any lives in this game. so i will *not* be issuing any special pokes a few months down the line to make the game possible :)


Manic Person

just a few preview shots of my forthcoming MM game:

MANICPERSON-1frequency.gif (3992 bytes) MANICPERSON-2fruits.gif (4788 bytes)


JSW Mind Control (128k)

JSW Mind Control is set in a dream where Willy has to escape from aliens who are trying to implant a chip in his brain that will give him the personality of Margaret Thatcher! Each screen must be negotiated within a time limit, dictated by an alien approaching a static Willy at the corner of the screen. So you have to get all the objects and move out of the screen before the 'collision' otherwise the chip will be implanted and Willy will awake from his dream with the consciousness of Margaret Thatcher. You can't move back a screen, so you must keep hurrying forwards.

MIND-basement.gif (2450 bytes) MIND-dreambed.gif (3283 bytes)
MIND-kitchenapps.gif (3265 bytes) MIND-pooltable.gif (3110 bytes)


Death TV (128k)

Work in progress - see Death TV Waterworld preview


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