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So you wanna know how it happened ?

The idea with this version is "Willy returning (again) to his mansion - but only to find that most of it has changed, or seems to be falling down! On further investigation Willy realises that someone/thing has/have been using his house for their own evil deeds. Maria seems to be in hiding somewhere down below, and strange lights have been spotted in the night sky... maybe it's the builders, maybe it's something else..."

Willy Comes Home : The Telepod, and where it takes you...
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000 Old delivery bay
Originally 'The Off Licence'. Thought I'd keep the alcohol theme going in this one.

001 Mountain Stream  
The water is not so deadly now. Use the overhang to move up into the woods.

002 Leafy Lane
You're not 'Under the MegaTree' now - mainly because...

003 Tree Stump
…All that's left 'at the foot' is a tree stump !!

004 Front Garden
The Drive is now just an overgrown garden.

005 The Jobsworths' Revenge
Security Guards - you've gotta love 'em, eh?

006 Hell hath no fury…
Hades has a devilish guardian. Now a playable room.

007 Tree House
Someone's built a tree house on bird's nest. Doesn't sound like very good foundations to me. Not as easy as it looks.

008 Sycamore Leaves
No 'Mega trunk' to hide inside now. All that's left are the Sycamore leaves. This room marks the first of many room named after songs. 'Sycamore Leaves' was from a surprisingly good A-ha album called 'East of the Sun - West of the Moon'

009 Olive Branch
Extending the branch of friendship?

010 Front Door
You may be glad of that rope later.

011 Hall
Not much has changed except the 'secret' passage in the floor.

012 Monkey see, Monkey do
Willy gets that 'Gorillas in the Mist' feeling !

013 One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest
Just liked the film really. This is an easy room

014 Winkie
I don't know what a winkie is, but it could be connected to bear holes !

015 We didn't start the fire
After the Billy Joel song. This room was originally called Quo Vadis ? after the Cbm64 game, and still looks more like it than the current Quo Vadis room.

016 Lay on your back…
…and wave your legs in the air. From ' We must perform a Quirkafleeg' in JSW1.

017 The thirteenth floor
Named after an old comic strip, I can't remember from where.

018 The Old Roof
Exactly what it says on the tin !

019 The Long Forgotten Abbey
Slightly easier to find than the original Abbey.

020 Ballroom East
Just the odd new exit here.

021 Ballroom West
Subsidence has affected this one a bit though !

022 Main Stairway
A rickety old staircase. The centre of the mansion is definitely in dangerous condition.

023 If you can't stand the heat…
024 … get out of the kitchen
The old kitchens have completely caved in. Where did everything fall in to?

025 Thawed out
Hmm. The old 'cold store' is not what it was. There's definitely something hot down below.

026 East Wall Base
I don't know about you, but I was always trying to jump across the void. Now there are platforms to reach the 'other side'

027 Chapel
I liked the idea of being able to jump from a purple bath into the floor less (flawless?) chapel.

028 Familiarity breeds contempt
Still the 'First Landing' though, isn't it. ???

029 Nightmare Landing
The 'Landing' bit only makes sense when you realise that the only way to get the object here (and in …breeds contempt) is to teleport in from above. Ticket to the moon anyone?

030 Changing Rooms
You won't find Lawrence Llooney-Blowfish of whatever in here. Just a few mad guards.

031 The Swimming Pool
- seems to have sprung a leek. Watch out for the drips.

032 Halfway up East Wall
- Like the East Wall Base, this side of the mansion has now been opened up.

033 Bathroom (with purple bath)
The purple bath bit is nicked from JSW2 (Cbm64 version). The toilet now contains an incredible shrinking ability, so just dive in !

034 Top Landing
Not a lot different here. Just the passage at the top, really. I like the colours the way they were, so I left well alone.

035 End Game
Obviously the Master Bedroom of old, but now you have access to...

036 En Suite?
…but watch your step. One false move, etc etc.

037 Allergic to Chlorine
Which I am ! That's why I made the pool slightly nastier than before.

038 Priest's Hole
As I said before, I always loved the east wall rooms of JSW1, and Priests always seem to have secret passages in their Churches…

039 Wish you were here
From the old Emergency Generator. A further tribute to Pink Floyd. The object at the bottom is only accessible from the bathroom top level.

040 I'm a Barbie Girl…
Dr Jones probably wishes he had showed a little more faith in Willy. Tassels, anyone?

041 The Attic Y2K Bug
The Attic was surely years ahead of it's time!

042 Ammonia Storage
Mix chlorine with another substance often found in swimming pools, and you have ammonia. This is the real root of my allergy to chlorine. This room is trickier than it looks.

043 Mind the Broken Glass
The Conservatory Roof has been destroyed, leaving some nasty shards of glass laying around.

044 Up the Flagpole
Not too subtle a hint, I know !

045 Under the Drive
Faithful to the original, only a few minor changes and an extra exit.

046 Tree Root
Not a dead end anymore. Looks like someone's been digging. Maria ?

047 [Beet] Root
This was the first room I ever designed for WCH. Maybe it shows. I do like the exit at the bottom - you can look but can't touch.

048 Harry Who ?
Harry Who / Nomen Luni. Harry Mooney was the Loony Mooney. Tenuous link, I agree. Harry Who? Is also a song an old band of mine (DadTV) used to perform.

049 Wine Cellar
This could collapse any second. No way through to the old Abbey from here anymore.

050 Penthouse
The Watch Tower has now been converted into a sumptuous penthouse floor.
Well, not bad anyway.

051 Tool Shed
You know you're going to look down through the hole in the floor, whatever I say.
Just be careful, OK?

052 Back Stairway
# Willy's house is falling down, falling down, falling down…#

053 Back Door (splintered)
Look up - there's something above the door frame, I can't quite make it out.

054 West Wing
Can't get the flashy thing from here….

055 Spare Room
Up in the penthouse, there's even a spare room.

056 West Wing Roof
Is this really the roof now? Most of the west wing seems to have been re-developed. Or is that demolished.

057 Balcony
I wouldn't try sunning yourself up here...

058 Sandy shore
Or the Beach if you prefer.
No sign of the yacht though, and someone's been building sandcastles.

059 Harbour Lights
Over on the east side, lays ye olde harbour. Luckily, Nick Berry is nowhere to be seen.

060 The Docks
I'm sure your parents have warned you not to go down the Docks on your own after dark. Listen to them. Berry could be lurking in the shadows !

061 Stalactite Fright
What was that 10cc said about rubber bullets ?.

062 Into the Caves
Ever been potholing before? No, me neither.

063 Where's the Rope?
Yes, it does, doesn't it !! haw haw !!

064 Journey to the Earth's Core
The only way to get the bottom central object seems to be to drop out of the screen - dare you take the risk?

065 Smugglers' Cove
What on Earth could smugglers need Willy's humble abode for?

066 Below the Shed
Since the mass subsidence of the mansion, the old pirate's underground tunnels seem to be accessible again.

067 Grape Vat
Harder than it looks, and best approached from the right. I did want to have collapsing platforms (like the Vat in MM) for this, but I haven't figured it out yet.

068 The Porch
The object at the bottom looks impossible to get except from below. You need to explore a little further.

069 My Karma just ran over my Dogma
From a famous graffiti quote. I was going to have a car and a dog, but ran out of guardians.

070 Jaspers' Machine
James Jaspers was a great villain in the early 'Captain Britain' comic strip, then in 'Mighty World of Marvel'. Created and drawn by Alan Davis, this maniac nearly took over the world - until CB saved the day, etc etc.
He also had a crap muzzy, one big eye, and one small eye.

071 The Old Coal Cellar
Tricky object to collect from the bottom, better from the top !

072 Roof Garden
Don't touch the leaves, and don't fall off the escalator.

073 I you go into the woods today...
You might well get lost ! The whole of the old 'Megatree' area is now a rambling forest, so it may pay to make a map.
Alternatively, you could download my 'Microsoft Excel 97' spreadsheet map.

074 Beneath the Atoll
The thing about an atoll is that you know there's dry land nearby, and usually an oasis of some sort. Liam and Noel not included.

075 The Deep
Great film. Looking back, I should have put an electric eel in here or something. Never mind, eh.

076 Bear Hole
Watch out for bears.
And Winkies. Probably.

077 Can't see the wood for the Trees
But you can see the top of the 'Tree House' if that's any help.

078 Corel Reef
079 Ship Wreck
Nothing too bad here. Nice and relaxed, like the seaside should be.

080 Annex Loft
Nothing to do with the Eurythmics, but there are arrows and a worm.

081 Over the Balcony
This one's trickier than it appears. Watch out for that nasty spider.

082 Saviour's Day
Just a pun on Cliff Face, really.

083 Harbour Hangover
Based on Richard Hallas' Ice Volcano, which I liked a lot.

084 Cliff Face
I was going to put a giant wobbly Cliff Richard face here. But luckily I couldn't bring myself to do it.

085 Jolly Roger
One of my favourite songs as a young lad. It's from the Kings of the Wild Frontier LP by Adam & the Ants. I thought that a pirate ship was needed in Willy's world.

086 Kings of the Wild Frontier
See above !!

087 The Ottoman
As we now have a nusery, I thought we could have an ottoman. Some quality timed jumping needed here.

088 The Lab
No mad professor, but more perfect jumping needed.

089 Balcony Ledge
Not too tough, although be aware of the arrows!

090 Ftang Ftang
Often uttered by the Viz character Roger Irrelevant.

091 The Observatory
Seemingly impossibe object? You'll figure it - just take a chance.

092 Quo Vadis ?
Where are you going now? Down down, deeper and down, I should think.

093 The Nursery
Be my Teddy Bear!

094 Essence of Floyd
Keith, that is! down below the kitchens, he leaves his mark...

095 Oubliette
Just passing through ? But can you get back up ?

096 Hotfoot it down
Fire on the floor - take the plunge down below.

097 In the Hall of the Mountain King
098 Baby, You're a Rich Man
This pair borrow heavily from Mr Hallas' originals. I liked them both, and wanted them to have the same feel. Cheers Richard !

099 Ave Maria
She's around here somewhere, you just know she is.

100 The Land That Time Forgot
Not much in the way of dinosaurs, but it is VERY hot.

101 Forbidden Forest
The 'megatree' is now a forest. This was also anexcellent old Cbm64 game.

102 Lava Pool
Speaks for itself really. Just don't let go of the rope.

103 Achilles Heel
It's supposed to be vaguely heel shaped.

104 Under the Stairs
What's in the cupboard under the stairs, Mr Wolf?

105 Greenhouse Effect
Too much humidity makes Willy mutate into the clockwork thingy!

106 Harry the Mad Monk
There seems to be a lot of monks in Willy's mansion, most of them quite mad.

107 Dirty Saviours
Just an old song title of mine. Never did put it on the LP.

108 Eugene's Lair
A glowing tribute...

109 Ticket to the Moon
Exactly what it says. Also a song by ELO.

110 A bird in the hand...
Is worth two in the bush or something. More forestry capers.

111 Valley of the Dolls
A crusty punk classic by Generation X.

112 Into the Valley
Valleys lead to mountain tops.

113 Bichamite Sandwich
Don't leave home without one. Especially if you're going to...

114 The Outback
Where Willy gets so excited, he turns into a 'Roo.

115 Night Boat to Cairo
"Just one more to the desolate shore, the boat along the river Nile..."
I do love the old classics, me!

116 A Day at the Races
117 A Night at the Opera
118 Innuendo
A lot of jumping and preening here. Just what you'd expect from three Queen albums!

119 Twin Peaks
One of my fave TV progs from the 80's. Coffee anyone?

120 Gribbley's day out
Commodore 64 nostalgia time again. You are Gribbley!

121 I think I'm Paradroid
C64 game / Shirley Manson tie in. It'll never catch on.

122 Blue Lagoon
When every one wanted a deserted isle, I wanted a lagoon. Without Brooke Shields' eyebrows though.

123 Manic Titanic
124 Middle Deck
The Yacht is no more. An ocean liner is now nudging the East shore.

125 The Abyss
Oh, you didn't want to end up here, did you?

126 Don't Look Down
Better still, don't GO down.

127 (Get a) GRP (on Yourself)
From RH's 'How on earth did you get here', but now the the title is a horrible pun on my initials and an old Stranglers effort.

128 Telepod
For more on where it goes, see the explanation (

129 Lunar Surface
Less gravity on the moon, remember?

130 The Blue Area
According to Marvel comics, this was where the the Watcher (an all-seeing, all-powerful bald bloke), and the Inhumans (bunch of superhumans) lived.
Separately of course.

131 We will be fine, Apollo 9
"Even though NASA say way out of line". Another 'Ant classic'.

132 Earth, Infinity and Beyond
As Buzz Lightyear might retort. This room will get you back home for a nightmare landing!!

133 The Watcher's House
Where you won't find said bald bloke. But he IS watching you. Oh yes.

134 Uncanny Inhumans?

135 Jeepers Creepers 

136 Vine 

137 The Western lookout 

192 Senses working overtime

193 Disused Dungeon ?

194 Einstein a Go-Go

195 Deathtrap Mine

196 Entombed

197 Maria on the Run

198 Underwurlde

199 Tomb Raider

200 Down the Pipe ?

201 A flash in the pan

202 Gawp ! 2000

205 A Damn fine cup of Coffee

206 A wicked Game

207 Falling

217 Iceberg

218 Antarticulate

219 The Plank

221 Pungent Effulgent

222 Cavernous Rumblings

223 Abandoned Mine Shaft

227 nights in the scullery

228 A-void hare

229 Led Zeppelin

230 Stairway to Heaven

231 Dark Side of the Moon

233 Moondance

238 Abbot's Lair

239 Rabbit Stew

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