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aka: Gary Pearce
Location: London, UK
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Willy Comes Home (128k)

It had been a long hard summer. Willy had been away for - ooh - must be four months now, going round the world with some of his rock star mates on tour (but that's another story). You wouldn't believe the things they can do with a ping-pong ball in Bangkok ! (or maybe you would). Lemmy said that they learned this stuff from an early age, trained like circus performers. The thought makes Willy shudder a bit. He'd struck up quite a 'friendship' with Kiu, and seeing her perform the ping-pong ball trick had fair taken his breath away. She'd said it was a special surprise for him.

Anyway, 2 months on from 'it' and Willy was looking forward to going back home for a rest. Oh, and God knows what sort of mood Maria would be in. He'd only popped out for a few tins and 20 silk cut ultra. Mind you, Maria was used to Willy's errant ways by now, and he really did miss the old boot.

This nice bit of reminiscing was brought to an abrupt halt by one of Lemmy's rancid farts. It wasn't so bad on the tour, because you could leave the room, but on a plane...
"Jesus, Lemmy", cried Angus from AC/DC, "you stinking Bastard!". All Lemmy could do was burp loudly and squeeze another small puffy one out. Willy decided to wander up to the Bar. That was the good thing about being on a private jet belonging to several rock legends - everything was 1st class. Donny Osmond was still at the bar, completely wankered, as usual.
"orrwriight, Will", he stammered.
"Yeah cheers Don. How's yer sister?" replied Willy with a wry smile.
"Oh yeah. Cool. Y'know. She misses you Will. ... "
Willy hadn't seen Marie since '88 when they got kidnapped by Technician Ted the last time. It hadn't been the same since. As he wandered back to his seat with a Bud, the pilot announced their position. 'Time to get strapped in for the landing' thought Willy.
Download Willy Comes Home version 1.1 Download Willy Comes Home MS Excel'97 map
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Just then, the whole plane shook and jolted like a rollercoaster.
A blinding light whizzed by on the left. And another !
"F#@k me" shouted Lemmy, "we're being invaded. The aliens are coming".
Maybe Lemmy was right - that was weird alright. Willy could see his house from here.
'I wonder if Maria and Andre are OK?' he thought. 'That was mighty close to home'.

When he approached the house, he could see lights up above the West Bedroom. The Drive was overgrown - in fact it was hardly recognisable. Suddenly, Willy heard a scraping noise behind him, and turned to see...


'Ooh my head hurts' Willy thought as he looked around. It was dark, but he could just make out pictures or something on the walls and ceiling around him. There was just room to stand, and the pictures on the walls seemed to be moving backwards.
'Hmmph. Still feel a bit dizzy. Where am I?'
Then he realised that the walls weren't in fact moving. It was him. The floor was a conveyor.
"oh Bollocks, not again" shouted Willy. There was nothing he could do. He hurtled headlong into the flashing replica of his own head, it made that distinctive 'pop' sound as he touched it, and then


In a cloud of smoke and brimstone, Willy found himself in a place he recognised as the Telepod.
"WOW" he thought. "I thought this place was a myth. The Telepod really exists afterall. I wish I'd listened more carefully to Uncle Colin when he told me where it could take you. ' Be careful if you go in there William my lad. You could end up in The Outback, or the Bathroom (amongst others), and I don't think young Maria would appreciate that if she's having a soak, heh heh!'

Little did he know....

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I created WCH using the John Elliott's jsw128 editor.
The idea with this version is "Willy returning (again) to his mansion - but only to find that most of it has changed, or seems to be falling down! On further investigation Willy realises that someone/thing has/have been using his house for their own evil deeds. Maria seems to be in hiding somewhere down below, and strange lights have been spotted in the night sky... maybe it's the builders, maybe it's something else..."

Willy, sporting a new hairstyle, may have his work cut out on his return home this time. To complete the game, you need to collect 170 objects, and return with them to the 'End Game'...
And remember - Familiarity Breeds Contempt !

Good luck, and enjoy ...

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Erix1's Review:
Jepp, someone sure did fuck(*1) up Willy's place. Maybe it's the builders… Maybe it's Gawp using John Elliott's JSW-editor… This game is so big I'll probably never complete it with the little spare time I've got, but I have done enough exploring (cheating as fuck, obviously…) to make up my mind whether this game is a winner or no. Actually, I'm not quite sure if I like Spectrum 128-games. Seems a bit fancy-schmancy with that sound chip and those extra kilobytes. I mean, if you want to control satellites you can make do with 16Kb!(*2) Ok, enough drifting… As I mentioned earlier this game is huuuuge! It contains more teleporters than Star Trek Voyager and the Next Generation put together(*3) and is probably a tough nut to crack. Unfortunately, there's a lot of old graphics, but including "Eugene's Lair" from Manic Miner makes up for it big time! I've seen Eugene in a JSW-game before (Dragon 32), but not the whole goddamn lair including toilets and everything! The only thing I find somewhat annoying about this game is way to many falling-from-great-heights-entering-new-screens-loosing-all-your-lives death traps (One kind of hopes to avoid that in a game this size…) Apart from that it's good fun and will last you for ages (I guess).
Verdict: Downloadthefuckernow!

*1 - Sorry about using of the F-word, but I'm about to do yet another screen on my forthcoming JSW-game "Maria vs. Some Bastards", which is more or less a tribute to the F-word.
*2 - Don't know if they did that marketing stunt in the rest of Europe, but here in Norway that was listed as part of the Spectrum's specifications … 16Kb… 8 colours… Can control satellites… in theory…
*3 - I'm no Trekkie-geek but I've seen it enough to know they makes use of beam-me-up-and-down-thingies from time to time… When it comes to awfully bad TV-series I'm more of a Sinbad/Xeena-kindaguy.

Click the link Willy Comes Home - The Rooms, to find out what happened to the old mansion, and a bit about the Telepod.


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JSW - Voyager (128k)

I've started my next effort at JSW games : JetSetWilly - "Voyager".

Following loosely on from Willy Comes Home, our Hero gains command of the alien craft that led the Aliens to his mansion.
He then decides to use it to explore the nether reaches of our Solar System.

Willy's travels will take him around, onto, and in some cases, inside the many wonderfully named worlds hurtling around our sun. His task is to collect the broken pieces of the crystals for his craft, which can then power him onwards.
Places as intriguing as Jupiter's fiery moon 'Io', and it's icy compatriot 'Callisto', Saturn's mysterious guardian 'Titan', forever covered in a shroud of sulphur gasses. The 'double planet'- 'Pluto & Charon' - neither orbits each other, but both revolve around an invisible centre of gravity... On and on it goes.

The mission will be divided into separate missions - each part to be completed before the next can be reached!
More here as it develops.

Beam me down, Willy !!
Work in progress
Voyager preview map screens
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