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Manic Miner

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Company: Bug-Byte and Software Projects

  • Year: 1983
  • Download the Bug-Byte version - Format: TAP - Size: 14Kb
  • Download the Bug-Byte version - Format: SNA - Size: 15Kb
  • Download the Bug-Byte version - Format: TZX - Size: 14Kb
  • Download a trained Bug-Byte version - Format: Z80 - Size: 15Kb
  • Download the Software Projects version - Format: SNA - Size: 14Kb
  • Download the Software Projects version - Format: TZX - Size: 14Kb

    Special editions:

  • Manic Miner Pre-school Edition - Format: TAP - Size: 14Kb - Info

    Manic Miner Screen shot-map
    Cover art:
    Manic Miner-Bug-Byte (1)
    Manic Miner-Bug-Byte (2)
    Manic Miner-Software Projects
    Manic Miner Re-release
    Manic Miner ad.

    Jepp, this is the Matthew-Smith-done-on-a- Model-III-Tandy-converted-to-the-Spectrum-released-under-two-software-companies-the-one-who-stared-it-all-original game. So, what can one say about Manic Miner that haven't been said before? Probably a lot, come to think of it, but I can't be bothered right now. You all know the story. You all know it's the best God Damn game on the planet!

    Differences between the Bug-Byte- and Software Projects versions:

  • Cover art. (Check far left column for cassette inlays...)
  • Different code from 32768-45055
  • Not the same scroll text.
  • The teleport cheats. (More info in the Cheat Section)
  • Differences between room 5, 16 and 17. (See graphics below…)

    Special Editions

    Manic Miner Pre-school Edition

  • By:Derek Jolly
  • Year: 1999
    Derek Jolly's entered this game in the 1999 Crap Games Competition, which is a slightly hacked version of Manic Miner enabling you to walk straight into each portal and finish the game in a matter of minutes. Here's the jury's verdicts:
    Alistair: I love this game, the idea behind it is crap and the implementation is superbly crap. Its the type of game i would have expected in about 1983 not 1999. In my book the definite winner.
    Graham: A triumph of level design, and a game that almost ensured that Derek Jolly won for a second year running, until careful investigation upon my part revealed that he didn't even do all the coding himself, and that evidently some friend of his called Matthew Smith had collaborated with him in the production of the game. I also decided to disqualify him because the filename for his entry had more than three characters in it.

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