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Here's a collection of inlays/ covers/ JSW/MM-related works of art for various computer systems. As always I'm interested in more, so if you've got scans of virtually anything MM/JSW-related, please let me know...
Do anyone know who did the illustrations for Jet Set Willy and the Software Projects version of Manic Miner? Really would like to know...

Sinclair zx Spectrum

Jet Set Willy Cover

Jet Set Willy full lenght Cover

Jet Set Willy code sheet

Original Jet Set Willy ad.

Jet Set Willy 2 Cover

Jet Set Willy 2 re-release Cover

Jet Set Willy 2 code sheet

Manic Miner-Bug-Byte (1)

Manic Miner-Bug-Byte (2)

Manic Miner-Software Projects

Manic Miner Re-release

Manic Miner ad.

C+vg cover featuring Andre's Night Off...
Given to the MM and JSW Club by Curt.

Commodore 64

Jet Set Willy

Manic Miner

Mattie Goes Mining ad.

Dragon 32

Manic Miner cover -front

Manic Miner cover -back

VIC 20:

Perils of Willy - Whole cover (small)

Perils of Willy - Front

Perils of Willy - Inlay text



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