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"In keeping with a good adventure, there are some random elements that have been thrown in. In some rooms the hazards may change places, or disappear altogether."

This is taken from a review of JSW. I'm just wondering what they are talking about when they say 'random elements' and 'hazards changing places'. does anybody know? :)

They are surely talking about the Attic bug. Without the official Software Projects poke to cure the faulty arrow in "The Attic", certain rooms (or rather, the guardians in those rooms) get corrupted. e.g. the guardians in "The Chapel" disappear, and rooms such as "We must perform a Quirkafleeg", "The Kitchen", "East Wall Base", etc., kill you on entry.

In Andrew's list of 'quirky features' it mentions an extended jump of some sort or other when you enter room 35, ("Master Bedroom" in the original JSW) jumping from the right and with all objects collected. What exactly is this? Does anyone have any light shedding capabilities to flaunt?

When you pass a certain point to the left in Room 35, having collected all the items, you start running right at double speed. So if you jump into Room 35 from the left, you do a really cool long jump! To my knowledge, the only game where this effect can actually be seen is We Pretty.

question: what exactly is a 'forbidden holy ground' effect? is it an area, which looks playable, but you can't get to?

Yes - it might look like you should be able to get there, but you can't. For example:

- the roof of "The Off Licence";
- the top ledges in "At the foot of the MegaTree" and "Under the MegaTree";
- the platforms in "Entrance to Hades";
- the right half of "A bit of tree" without the official Software Projects poke for the Banyan Tree :-)
- the clouds on the left of "GIACHASSE" in We Pretty.

(I don't list unreachable rooms as Forbidden Holy Ground because you can't see them without cheating.)

Forbidden Holy Ground has an intriguing air of mystique about it, especially if you don't know whether it is, in fact, a Promised Land effect instead! :-)

 Andrew Broad

Geoff Eddy is a master of the Promised Land effect. I know a room in j4, which would make an excellent description of a promised land (I think it's called 'the extension' or something - it has a wall right down the middle).



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