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  • By: Andrew Broad (Broadsoft)
  • Year: 1997
  • Format: TAP
  • Zip-file includes: The game - 1 text file
  • Size: 21Kb
  • Download the game

    Manic Miner 4 is written for advanced players, and the authors intentions was to set example of how far the game should be redefined for it to be called a Manic Miner-sequel. In this, Andrew Broad succeeded (apart from three lazy-bugger-show-the-differences-between-Bug-Byte-and-Software-Projects-versions-screens). Most of the gfx are new with "homages" to David Bowie, Tennis and Twin Peaks and therapeutic screens mocking people the author hates. This game may not be a winner in the graphics-department, but it's well planed and highly addictive! Think I must have spent hours trying to solve "Contamination" without succeeding (But one day I will!). Recommended!

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