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Welcome to the Spectrum-part of this site. The Spectrum hosts more Miner Willy games than any other system in the galaxy (The Amiga being a good (but not close) number two), and therefore there's futher links to the authors' pages, making it easier for you to sort them out. Many of these have reviews too.

Also vistit Andrew Broad's excellent list of Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy games.

MMT: Spectrum 128k games below

Manic Miner



For the time being this system only got JSW-games, but there's rumors that Stuart Brady is writing Manic Miner: The Deeper Caverns, a Spectrum 128 conversion of the SAM Coupé version of Manic Miner... (phew!)

S h o r t c u t s :

  • Jet Set Willy 128
  • Willy Comes Home
  • The Time Hole
  • Jet Set Willy 2 128k - THE FINAL FRONTIER (Fixed 128K version)

    Jet Set Willy 128

    Author:John Elliott
    Year: 1996
    Format: TAP
    Download v 0.03 hacklevel 6 - Size:33Kb
    Download v 0.00 hacklevel 1- Size:25Kb
    Description: Truly an amazing game based on the Matthew Smith-code, with lot's of enhancements. To find out more about this game and it's PC-hosted level editor, surf on over to the authors home page. John Elliott's site

    Willy Comes Home

    Year: 2000
    Format: TAP/ ZXS
    Download the game - Size:136Kb

    The story ... "Our Hero returns (again) to his mansion after one of his many adventures - but only to find that most of it has changed, or seems to be falling down! On further investigation Willy realises that something has been using his house for their own evil deeds. Maria seems to be in hiding somewhere down below, and strange lights have been spotted in the night sky... maybe it's the builders, maybe it's something else..."

    The plan ... Willy, sporting a new hairstyle, may have his work cut out on his return home this time. The entrance to his mansion is blocked by a multiple Telepod - and there seem to numerous others elsewhere in the grounds. To complete the game, you need to collect 170 objects, and return with them to the 'End Game'...

    And remember - Familiarity Breeds Contempt !

    Comments: Jepp, someone sure did fuck(*1) up Willy's place. Maybe it's the builders… Maybe it's Gawp using John Elliott's JSW-editor… This game is so big I'll probably never complete it with the little spare time I've got, but I have done enough exploring (cheating as fuck, obviously…) to make up my mind whether this game is a winner or no. Actually, I'm not quite sure if I like Spectrum 128-games. Seems a bit fancy-schmancy with that sound chip and those extra kilobytes. I mean, if you want to control satellites you can make do with 16Kb!(*2) Ok, enough drifting… As I mentioned earlier this game is huuuuge! It contains more teleporters than Star Trek Voyager and the Next Generation put together(*3) and is probably a tough nut to crack. Unfortunately, there's a lot of old graphics, but including "Eugene's Lair" from Manic Miner makes up for it big time! I've seen Eugene in a JSW-game before (Dragon 32), but not the whole goddamn lair including toilets and everything! The only thing I find somewhat annoying about this game is way to many falling-from-great-heights-entering-new-screens-loosing-all-your-lives death traps (One kind of hopes to avoid that in a game this size…) Apart from that it's good fun and will last you for ages (I guess).
    Verdict: Downloadthefuckernow!

    *1 - Sorry about using of the F-word, but I'm about to do yet another screen on my forthcoming JSW-game "Maria vs. Some Bastards", which is more or less a tribute to the F-word.
    *2 - Don't know if they did that marketing stunt in the rest of Europe, but here in Norway that was listed as part of the Spectrum's specifications … 16Kb… 8 colours… Can control satellites… in theory…
    *3 - I'm no Trekkie-geek but I've seen it enough to know they makes use of beam-me-up-and-down-thingies from time to time… When it comes to awfully bad TV-series I'm more of a Sinbad/Xeena-kindaguy.

    Comments and hints written by Gawp. For more information and screen shots, click here.

    The Time Hole

    Author:Edward Martland
    Year: 2000
    Format: TAP
    Download version 1.0 - Size:60Kb
    Download version 1.1 - Size:61Kb

    The plot: Willy was asleep. "Ah! NO! the FEET!!!" he cried out. In his dream he was in a dark place filled with feet (Willy, being a nervous child, was terrified of the foot on Monty Python, creating a permanent emotional complex). Though he tried to run away from them, he found himself pulled inexorably towards them. He kept falling lower and lower into the pit, approaching certain death at the toes of a particularly nasty white one. As he was about to be smashed, he woke up. "What the…?" he thought. "Why am I in the bathroom?" Looking around him, he remembered a comic book he had read once when he was seven "Oh Lord! I'm in a time rift!" Keeping calm, Willy thought what to do "I've got it! That machine I bought from that strange little market seller! That will fix this problem. But how to get it working? The last time I had a party its parts got scattered all over the house, and I'm really not in the mood for MORE running around picking up little bits of stuff. Especially while I've still got all those weird whatchamacallits running around in my house. Oh why did I let that scraggly looking pot head Matthew help plan my house? Well, I guess I've got no choice, I must get out of this time rift and get those bits before the rift consumes everything." Well, you heard the man. Off you go.

    Description: Jupp, a game about feet and time travel done with John Elliott's JSW-editor. As most 128Kb-games it's a bit too big for my taste, but as stated in the room "You really should save here", there's always the possibility to save and continue another day (when using an emulator). Most rooms are great both layout- and problem solving-wise although you once again, are forced to meet most of the same, old, overused starting-to-bore-me guardians (Apart from the room "Henry's Home", which is an extract from the JSW rip-off "Henry's Hoard".(Nice one!)) Fortunately the falling-into-new-rooms-from-great-heights-or-on-top-of-a-guardian-or-on-some-nasty-bricks-loosing-all-your-lives-death traps (From now on refered to as "Finrfghootoagoosnblayld-traps") are not as common as in Gawps 128-game "Willy Comes Home". The reason I find the Finrfghootoagoosnblayld-traps so annoying are that I think the Spectrum JSW-games should be playable not only on emulators but on real Spectrums as well (and they can't do snap-saves…) A couple of rooms that have annoyed me on this point are "Hell (You know it was somewhere)", a screen which utilizes this effect to condemn you Satan-style, and when moving right from "The Green Room", which puts you right on top of some nasty/fire-attributes. (This seems more like something of a mistake which the author should correct…) Apart from the Finrfghootoagoosnblayld-traps, the game is great. How I'm supposed to get past the "Loose Viral Swarm" without cheating, beats me, but I always did want to see "Willy's Trainset" and there's finally some originality added to the unavoidable "Red Room" (This time done in a more "Shining" way). VERDICT: NICEONEYEAH!

    P.S. By all means, do try to activate the Trip Switch. It will trigger one of the coolest effects ever seen in a Jet Set Willy-game. (You bastard…)

    JET SET WILLY 2 128K - THE FINAL FRONTIER (Fixed 128K version)

    Author:James McKay
    Year: 2000
    Format: TAP
    Download the game - Size:35Kb
    Description: James McKay has done a special version of JSW2 that disables collision detection for three seconds after you're hit. (thus avoiding loosing all your lives being continously teleported on top of the same bad-guy...). The Speccy 128 version also includes a cheat menu when you press 't'. Thanks to Carl Murray for asking James McKay to do these fixes, and for passing them on.


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