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  • By: Andrew Broad (Broadsoft)
  • Year: 1998
  • Format: TAP
  • Zip-file includes: The game - 1 text file
  • Size: 20Kb
  • Download the game

    The game was originally written in 1994 and based on David Bowie's soundtrack album for a BBC2 adaptation of Hanif Kureishi's novel. In 1998 it was modified, and released on the Internet. However, only the last ten screens are based on "The Buddha of Suburbia". The first ten are among other things, tributes to "Dr Who", "The Terminator", tennis-stars and "The Girl From Tomorrow". You'll also find tributes to JSW's "room 47" and "The Off-licence". When the game's all loaded, you're forced to listen to an awful Spectrum-rendition of the albums title track, wasting approximately 45 seconds of your life. The game starts off with a couple of "Terminator"-levels, and manages to gradually (well, almost) increase the level of difficulty as you advance through the game. "Buddha Of Suburbia" is not as difficult as "Manic Miner 4" (with the exception of "Dead Against It", which drives me fucking crazy!), and probably better suited for non-expert gamers (like myself). Most of the caverns are well planned, from "pixel-perfect-cracker-jack-timing" scenarios to "walk-as-fast-as-you-possibly-can-before-time-runs-out"-kinda things. Sadly, most of the graphics are from Jet Set Willy, and the new graphics looks kind of "amateurish". But, well worth a download. It's still way better than most Manic Miner-clones.

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