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We Pretty

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  • By: Andrew Broad (Broadsoft)
  • Year: 1999
  • Format: TAP
  • Size: 40Kb
  • Zip-file include: 1 Z80-file and 2 text-files
  • Download the game

    Any Jet Set Willy game that manages to incorporate the word 'pretty' into the title deserves instant attention in my books. From the title onward, this game gets full marks for originality and inventiveness, from the excellently drawn, flimsy looking heroine (who replaces the usual Willy sprite - unless it is Willy in drag and after a severe period of dieting, which i doubt :), to the new game scenario and characters (it's a million miles away from JSW, apart from the 'exploring rooms and collecting objects' contingent) to the sheer absurdity of the room layouts (not only are they completely surreal and disjointed, they are, most of them, an intense challenge!), this game blurs the boundary between JSW and art.

    Gameplay wise, it's a tough one, and certainly not recommended as a first download for JSW-curious newcomers (do such people exist?, I ask myself...). The designs take full advantage of all the little quirks in the JSW game engine (as do most of Andy's games), so you will really need to have a strong feel for the game to get anywhere - perhaps even off the first screen! Of course, the plus side to this is that if you are fluent with JSW, then what you have here is a challenge that will last a long time, and perhaps keep you guessing more than any other of the 'clones'.

    The game comes with an extra text file which details much of the ambience of the game plot, and this lends the game even more character and sets the scene - apart from being very surreal and amusing it also seems to drop a few much needed hints on how to pass some of the screens.

    Finally, this is also by far the game with the best music in it. You can almost listen to it for more than ten minutes without wanting to scream! (definately a first in a JSW game ;)

    Definately a must have - get it right now, it's just so trippy and different! You may, however, develop an irrational fear of the colour cyan....

    Review written by the amazing Sendy

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