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Richard Hallas

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Richard Hallas
Location: UK
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Join the Jet Set

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The plot:
Having woken up from his deep sleep, our intrepid hero is keen to explore the surrounding countryside. Whilst Willy would dearly love to join the jet-set, funding the upkeep of a mansion is no mean feat, and Willy needs more resources if he is going to hobnob with royalty. Therefore, he buys himself a crash helmet (not that it's very effective) and sails off to a nearby island with a central mountain. The game starts with Willy in the palace of the mountain's royal resident. He must collect all the valuables from inside the mountain, the surrounding trees and gardens, and from the local town. He must also fly through the sky, go to sea, and even take a trip to hell and back!

Comments: Great game with good graphics and great crash helmet design. You even have the choice between 10 in-game tunes!

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Willy In Space

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Willy always was a glutton for punishment. What's more, he never seemed to be very good at learning from his mistakes. You'd think that he'd be wary of Martians and the like by now, after some of them added all those strange rooms to his mansion. But no; joining the upper echelons of society rather went to Willy's head, and a rich twit has a greater capacity for making big mistakes than a penniless one. When a passing Used TARDIS Salesman came by, Willy was gullible enough to be taken in. Needless to say, the old TARDIS that Willy bought was decidedly dodgy, and broke down upon arrival at a space station orbiting the planet Endor. So here he is, stranded in space and far from home. Willy can't even get back into his TARDIS to try to mend it, because it's permanently locked into its dematerialisation phase with him on the outside! But all is not lost: before Willy landed, his initial scans of the area indicated the presence of a powerful intergalactic matter transporter somewhere on the planet's surface. All Willy has to do is to find enough power packs to get it working. Once it's fully powered up, he'll be able to enter the rocket on the planet's surface, operate its computers, and set the transporter's destination coordinates so that it will send him back home.



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Last updated: September 12, 2001.

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