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Jet Visy

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Jet Visy
aka: Visa-Valtteri Pimi
Location: Finland
Email Visy Jet
Jet Set Willy 4 Ever
amiga jsw2

Willy's Flashback (48k)

Work in progress

Willy's Flashback is all about Willy saving his mansion from evil builders.
Willy has joined the Army (wearing a army cap!!!!), and is going to kick builder-butt!

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I Love BASIC language.
I'm 15 years old (youngest in the club).
First touch to JSW: C64, JSW2!!! (the good, old and trusty).
Have not completed JSW without cheat (i suck).
Made few QBASIC games.
Doing Willy's Flashback.
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Last updated: September 12, 2001.

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