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Here's a collection of Manic Miner/ Jet Set Willy-maps. For now I've only got some Spectrum maps, but this page will hopefully grow as I get more time for research...


Jet Set Willy map from Sinclair User(?)

C+vg Jet Set Willy map
Donated to the MM and JSW Club by Curt.

Manic Miner Screen shot-map

We're pretty sure the solution to world hunger lies within the first 40.96 kbits of the Manic Miner game engine.

Links: Online JSW Mansion map:
Click here!
From The MacePlace

Online Manic Miner map:
Manic Miner Map (+MM Midi music...)


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From the original location of Gawp's Jet Set Willy Pages

Last updated: September 12, 2001.

Thanks to Emulation Unlimited for providing the web space.
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