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Since the tunes from Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy are so spankingly good, I've done this music-download-page.


Jet Set Willy (2Kb)
Jet Set Willy in-game (5Kb)
Manic Miner in-game 1 (7Kb)
Manic Miner in-game 2 (1Kb)

SID-FILES (C-64 sound-chip files)

Jet Set Willy (5Kb)
Manic Miner (2Kb)

MODULES (Soundtracker-files)

If I was a rich prick (231Kb)
JSW97 In the hall of the mountain king (73Kb)
JSW goes to hell (165Kb)
Manic Miner '98 (269Kb)
Moonlite resonata (210Kb)
The MOD's were nicked from Dom's Jet Set Willy Page!
Visit Dominic Cresswell's page for more JSW-related stuff (A JSW-version of Worms for the Amiga among other things...)


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From the original location of Gawp's Jet Set Willy Pages

Last updated: September 12, 2001.

Thanks to Emulation Unlimited for providing the web space.
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