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Getting Started

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How to get started

Right, all though doing the game on a real spectrum is the only zen-like, spiritual(*1) way to go, using an emulator would free up a lot of time and make the job a hellofalot easier.
The doctor recommends: The brilliant X128 Emulator combined with the almost equally brilliant Genie128(*2) "push button"-disassembler. If you don't know much Z80-assembler, you could probably make use of some sort of a "instruction set summary"-sheet as well. Click here for one by Zilog
(*1) Actually, to be granted passage to Miner Willy heaven, you have to use a Model III Tandy...
(*2) The Genie128 and Z80 knowledge is only for manipulating the game engine, and absolutely not necessary for doing a Manic Miner game!

Ok, what you now need, is a good development system! If I were you, I'd hump over to Andrew Broad's web site and download myself the incredible "Manic Miner Editor". There are other MM-editors out there but they don't even come close to Andrew's product. And while you're at his place, download his equally incredible "Room Format Document" for an insightful description of how the game works. Although you can do all the graphics using Andrew's editor, you'll find that time is spared through the use of Richard Jordan's superb "The Spectrum Graphics Editor". Personally, I did all the animations with "Deluxe Paint IV" on the Amiga, and then imported the images in to the "Graphics Editor", but the "Spectrum Graphics Editor" can be used for that job too. Another great tool for doing GFX would be the "BMP2SPEC"- program by BLOOD. It converts BMP-files to the speccy "screen$"-format. (You know... The loading screens). Oh, and while you're in there download the "Crap-game"-compilations with masterpieces like METAL DETECTOR, THE DARK ROOM SIMULATOR, WHALE HUNT, BASH'N'GRAB AND WHEELCHAIR! Ok, now I'm bored! The utilities described above should get you going, so grab that keyboard and do your thing! (If that "thing" would be downloading porn from the internet, I fully support that...)




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