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Useful utilities
for the PC

The Spectrum 
Graphics Editor
By: Richard Jordan
(Links to his page) 
It comes in both 
Windows- and Dos 
versions. (There's
even an Amiga 
version...) If you 
have Windows 9x on 
you PC, this editor
is a must! It's 
superb for loading 
new graphics into 
snapshots, and 
has the ability to 
draw and animate. 

Dpaint Animation
314Kb - DOS
Classic drawing 
program. Excelent
for making JSW/MM-
graphics and

Great DOS-prog by
BLOOD!, for 
converting BMP-
files to Speccy
gfx format...

JSW Rooms 
Report v1.1
by Arsen Torbarina.
A program that 
generates rooms 
list with their 
connection scheme 
for JSW programs 
based on the code 
from JSW Part One

JSW Monitor V1.0
by Arsen Torbarina.
DOS program for 
easy viewing and 
dumping Willy's 
mansion to BMP 
files, finding 
invisible objects 
and so on.

Specsaisie V1.0
by Andrew Broad
Multi functional
JAVA tool kit.
Read more on the
Specsaisie page
from Andrew Broad's
web site

How to get started on a Manic Miner clone





This page is intended to give you tools, hints and tips in the make-your-own-Manic-Miner-or-Jet-Set-Willy-sequel-department (for the Spectrum, that is...). It's still under development but have certainly expanded a bit since the last update. For now I have editors for downloading, links to tech-stuff and some useful PC utilities.

S h o r t c u t s :
Editors for Jet Set Willy
Editors for Manic Miner
Technical documentation (Room formats, disassembly's and so on...)
Graphics utilities


J e t S e t W i l l y

JETSET WILLY EDITOR - By: Spectrum Electronics
Size: 28Kb - Format: TAP and SNA - Documentation: Yes
Comments: This is the best JSW-editor around (Approved by Software projects). It's easy to use, looks good and can do most of the manipulations that's possible with the room definition and Guardian definition. (Will most certainly be surpassed by Andrew Broads forthcoming JSW-editor...)
My next JSW-game, "Maria vs. some bastards", is partially done with this editor...(Here some layouts from the early stages of development...)

JSW Editor MkII - By: Softricks, 1984
Size: 24Kb - Format:SNA - Documentation: Nope
Comments: This is the second best JSW-editor around (also approved by Software projects). It's not very good at manipulating guardians, so take my advice and stick with the editor above...

The MkII comes with two extra samples screens. (47: The Moat and 61: The Vault)

Size: 45Kb - Format:SNA - Documentation: Yez
Comments: JSW Editor done in Basic. Made more emulator friendly by BLOOD!

German JSW editor done in Basic (TAP, 28Kb)
Ok, this one is a bit interesting because of the 60 new screens that came along with it (Even got German room names...). I've converted it to a playable SNA-file. DOWNLOAD HERE!

M a n i c M i n e r

MANIC MINER SCREEN EDITOR - By: Andrew Broad, 1988
Size: 39Kb - Format: TAP - Documentation: Yes
Comments: This is the best MM-editor in exsitence. Other editors do not even come close...

The Manic Miner Editor Pack v1.1 By: Rich Swann
Size: 42Kb - Format:SNA - Documentation: Yeah
Comments:Type-in basic prog. from Your Sinclair. Typed and given to the 'Net by BLOOD! Not very useful.

Manic Designer 2 By: Mark Whatling and Peter Webb
Size: 41Kb - Format:SNA - Documentation: Sure
Comments:This editor's got one advantage over Andrew Broad's editor; It display's the block graphics. (It's inferior in every other way...)


Manic Miner room format by Andrew Broad
Quirky features in MM/JSW by Andrew Broad
A Miner Triad by Richard Hallas
Jet Set Willy room format: Jet Set Willy Ultimate Fan Page.
Jet Set Willy 2 room format: John Elliott's page.

Disassembly of the JSW and MM game engines:
John Elliott's page.


The Artist II - By: SofTechnics
Size: 39Kb - Format:TAP - Documentation: Nope
Comments: This is the best program for doing GFX on the Speccy (in my opinion). It's superb for drawing and colouring. If you're using the X128-emulator, you can operate it with a mouse (Right mousebutton=activate stuff). I love the feeling of uing a mouse on a Spectrum! A few instructions to get your kempston mouse going (if you've got X128): Answer "no" to the first three questions after loading. Operate the arrow with Q=up, S=down, I=left, O=right and N=select. Move your pointer up to the menu-segment called "Extras", Select "Kempston Mouse", and you're in business...


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