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G A M E S : A R C H I M E D E S

I've done ADF's (The Archie-emulator disk format) of both Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy. I haven't bothered to do anything with JSW 2, since I can't run it on the Archie emulator yet (See comments...)

Manic Miner

Author:M. Edwards
Format: ADF - Size:43Kb
Download the real Acorn version - Format: GZ - Size: 66Kb)
Description: Rather than trying to look like the Spectrum original like most versions for "power computers" do, this game is converted from the black and white Dragon 32 game! In effect, the game looks less colourful than the Speccy-version, but do feature 22 screens+ a multi-coloured Miner Willy (and some multi-coloured evil-doers…) I can't tell you anything about the sound, 'coz the Archie emulator for the PC, do not support that kind of luxury. Apart form graphics and sound, the game plays well and stays true to the original 8-bit versions. Absolutely worth a download!

"Eddie's Forest" and "The Dragon User's Bonus" are the two extra levels found in the Dragon version. (Being such a lazy cunt, I forgot to smack'em up in the Dragon-section...)

Manic Miner PC

Author:Darren Salt
Description:Well, if you don't own an Archimedes, there's really no point in downloading this game. It's a perfect port of Andy Noble's PC classic. In other words a great game! Can't tell you much about how it sounds since the Archie-emulator don't support sound yet...

Jet Set Willy

Company: ? - Author:?
Format: ADF - Size:79Kb
Download the real Acorn version - Format: GZ - Size: 106Kb)
Description: Can't tell you much about this game, because my Archie-emulator has a hard time running it. I only get as far as the opening screen (looks a lot like Manic Miner, so I assume that M. Edwards did this game too…), and then it freezes. I'll keep on trying…

Jet Set Willy 2

Author:Darren Salt
Format: ZIP - Size:391Kb
Description: Well, what comments are concerned, the same goes for JSW2 (or 1.43b) as for JSW. My emulator can't run it, so we'll just have to be patient and wait for future emulator updates. I only get as far as the loading screen (Same as the Spectrum version of JSW2 (That "Willy in Space"-picky…)) Judging from the text file, the game looks awfully good, so it really pisses me off that I can't run this muttahfockah on my muttahfockah of a PC! But, I guess it's pretty straight forward for you lucky Archimedes owning bastards. Shit!
Link to Doggysoft's review of Jet Set Willy II


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