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G A M E S : A m i g a

Jupp, there's quite a few Miner Willys for this amazing computer. You'll find them in their original format and I have converted some of'em to the emulator/adf format. The ADFs should run on both UAE and FELLOW. Just experiment with system settings and Kickstarts...

The games: Manic Miner 1/2 - Jet Set Willy 2 - Jet Set Willy'97 - Top Hat Willy - Jet Set Billy - William Jetset - Willy's Weirdy Nightmare -

Manic Miner I and II

Company: Software Projects - Author:Stephen Mc Master
Format: Zipped ADF - Size:572Kb
Description: Manic Miner 1 is more or less a straight spectrum conversion (not that good actually...) while MM 2 probably is the most advanced Manic Miner ever made! (4 way scrolling, great music, sampled speech...) But, best of all; Miner Willy looks like a big nosed Super Mario!.. Use Kickstart 1.2/1.3 with minimum config (512k chip-mem...1 mb fast...)

Jet Set Willy II

Company: Software Projects - Author:Stephen Mc Master
Format: Zipped ADF - Size:745Kb
Description: Ok, you can get this game going on the Fellow emulator, but the hardware sprites (that's Miner Willy) will be left out and there seems to be a bit of a problem with the scrolling. Apart from that, the game looks great! (The music is a bit of a downer, though...) Instead of the flick-screen approach seen in other JSW-games the Amiga version is just one huge scrolling playfield. The game also includes the Spectrum-look-a-like-version of Manic Miner found in MM2. Now, if anyone can get this game running properly on either of the emulators, please let me know!
Thanks to Tomaz Kac for sending me the game!

Jet Set Willy'97

Company: cELLBLOCK 4 - Author: Sam Becket
Format: Zipped ADF - Size:328Kb
Description: 200 Screens (all new) of Jet Set Willy-techno-music-multi- colour-action... Runs at optimal configuration...
Download the "non emulator" Amiga version (LHA/ 296Kb)

Top Hat Willy

Company: Overflow - Author: Scotty
Format: Zipped ADF - Size:264Kb
Description: Haven't tried this game much but it looks good... Runs at optimal configuration...

Jet Set Billy

Company: ? - Author: Niilo Paasivirta
Format: Zipped ADF - Size:344Kb
Description: Make your own Jet Set games with this editor/ jsw engine. (The Adf version do not contain the editor (due to floppyspace limitations)) Runs at optimal configuration...
Download the full Amiga version (LHA/ 348Kb)

Jet Set Billy - William Jetset

Author: Rob Moseley
Format: Zipped ADF - Size:410Kb
Description: Here is a JSB.adf with my altered screens & GFX.  To use this in WinUAE, make sure your using an A1200 kickstart or it wont run.

Willy's Weirdy Nightmare

Authors: Richard Williams and Steven Tate
Format: Zipped ADF - Size:273Kb
Description: Now, if you want beautiful multi-coloured guardians (I even spotted R2-D2 at one level…) accompanied by good old fashioned, scary music and a somewhat "weirdy"-looking Jet Set Willy, this is the game for you… It's done with Amos Professional (A Basic-language more than sufficient for Miner Willy games…) and is one of the better looking JSW-games out there. Well worth a download. Runs at optimal configuration...


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