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Ok, if you want 256 colours, great music but still the original gfx the PC versions should suit you.

Manic Miner PC

Author:Andy Noble
Format: Self extracting exe-file (Dos) - Size:208Kb
Description: This is the best Manic Miner ever! It's got 256 colours, awsome music and maintains the original "feeling" of the game! (It's MANIC MINER! No doubt!) I've been playing it for hours and hours... It alows you to choose between MM1/ Tales from a Parallel Universe (MM3), has different speed settings and new/ old music... Go to Andy's website for more info...
Remake's MM PC review + screenshots
Cheats (also Remake...)
Review in some weird language...(cool!)

Jet Set Willy PC

Author:Andy Noble
Format: Self extracting exe-file (Dos) - Size:
Description: Jepp, the Pc-Miner-Willy-master still got it! His version of JSW, is as perfect as one could hope for on the PC! He even included the Atari 800-tune by Rob Hubbard! (just made me so f***ing happy...) Go to Andy's website for more info...

Jet Set Miner Willy -PC v.1.0
Jet Set Miner Willy -PC v.1.01a
Those missing games (put them in the same directory as JSW)

Author:Craig Rothwell
Format: Zip (Dos) - Size:v.1.0: 850Kb/ v.1.01a=669Kb
Description: Amazing! much like the Andy Noble game, but much bigger! ... It's got most JSW games woven i to one (Using some sort of Super Mario-like game select system...) The games: JSW PC, JSW III, Join the Jetset, Manic Miner (Andy Noble's gfx (The gameplay is not that good though...)), The Continuing Adventure, Willys new hat, MM 7, The Deadly Mission, Willys holiday and Willy in space. (phew!) Go to Craig's website for more info.


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