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Jet Set Willy II - The Final Frontier

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Cover art
Cover art for re-release
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  • By: D.P. Rowson
  • Company: Software Projects
  • Year: 1985
  • Download a TAP-version - Size: 34Kb
  • Download a SNA-version - Size: 29Kb

    Special editions:

  • Jet Set Willy II- FIX.
    By: James McKay - Size: 33Kb - Format: TAP (TXT-file incl.) - Info

    The plot:
    Whilst recovering in hospital from a severe fall down some stairs, Willy called in the builders. He thought it odd that they had green skin, but needing the work done in a hurry he asked them to remove the offending edges from his stairs. Trouble was, they did far more work than asked, adding several rooms to his mansion and then refusing to charge him!! Maria is demanding that Willy clears up the mess and he hasn't even found all the rooms yet. Who were these strange people? Why did they need to add a Rocket Room to Willy's already substantial house? Much patience and stamina is required to explore the extended house and NASA's "Guide to Simple Space Travel" is recommended reading for those foolhardy enough to help Willy clear up the mess. Be careful in the sewers and watch out for the bell ringer in the Belfry!!

    Good Luck!!

    Comments: Great game with tons of enhancements. Read more detailed info in the text-file following the JSW2-FIX-edition.
    Other reviews:
    The Your Spectrum (Issue 4, June 1984) review of JSW2
    links to Your Spectrum Unofficial Archive)

    JSW II- FIX James McKay has done a special version that disables collision detection for three seconds after you're hit. (thus avoiding loosing all your lives being continously teleported on top of the same bad-guy...). Thanks to Carl Murray for asking James McKay to do these fixes, and for passing them on. (Also check out the Speccy 128 version with the same feature + a built in cheat menu.)

    Infinite Lives:
    POKE 31249,0
    POKE 31224,201
    No Enemies:
    POKE 31653,201
    Walk on water:
    POKE 30436,205
    Need x object:
    POKE 34686,x
    Harmless nasties:
    POKE 32269,201
    Start room x:
    POKE 30027,x
    x monsters per room:
    POKE 31657,x (max 15)

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Jet Set Willy III

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  • By: Michael Blanke and Arno Gitz, MBG/APG Software, 1985
  • Year: 1985
  • Format: SNA
  • Size: 19Kb
  • Zip-file include: 1 SNA-file
  • Download the game

    Terminally mediocre, this game is okaaaaaay, but really nothing to be having multiple orgasms over, or even single orgasms, or even, just, getting... slightly aroused over. It's functional, consisting of a seemingly endless labyrinth of highly repetitive winding tunnels and rooms, mostly devoid of any funk or soul. There are no rooms that stand out at all, and wandering through them, you get the feeling that each was composed within a deadline of about five minutes.

    On the plus side, there are some nicely drawn original guardians, but their sheer lack of purpose, and the fact that there are on average only one or two per room, makes them kind of forgettable.

    This didn't do much for me at all, but it does involve dear Willy, so perhaps you should just download it anyway!

    Review written by the amazing Sendy - (Home Page - E-mail)

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JSW4 - Willy's New Hat

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  • By: ?
  • Year: ?
  • Format: SNA
  • Size: 19Kb
  • Zip-file include: 1 SNA-file
  • Download the game

    The author being unknown here is perhaps a blessing... I don't like this game much and I can say that bluntly without upsetting anyone.

    In fairness, the first few rooms are well designed, and consist of complex arrangements of platforms and static nastys which need careful jumping to negotiate. But the game rapidly breaks down from there into what is in my view a rushed and slightly scruffy affair, featuring too much luck and trial and error to provide rewarding gameplay. The lack of bad guys gives the rooms a static, deserted feel which could have worked in it's favour, but sadly, doesn't.

    There are some cool design touches in here, but I can't remember any off hand, so maybe they aren't that cool. I guess some of the screens do look nice, in a way... I'm sorry, I just didn't find this enjoyable very much. There is definately potential and talent shown by the author, however it is not tapped effectively to form a good game, in my honest opinion. Am I being patronising? :>

    Rumour also has it that one of the rooms late into the game requires a superjump poke since there is no way of normally getting past. I am not sure if this is true since I did not get that far.... you have been warned!

    Review written by the amazing Sendy - (Home Page - E-mail)

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