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Manic Miner

Author:Paul Taylor E-mail
Format: Zipped GB-format - Size:42,9Kb
Description: Almost identical to the Spectrum-version, but utilizes 'scrolling' to compensate for the Gameboy's low resolution. Runs smooth on emulators, but tends to be a bit buggy on real Gameboys according to the creator... Well, who cares? It's FUCKING GREAT!
Thanx to Paul Taylor for mailing me the game!

Jet Set Willy

Author:Paul Taylor E-mail
First version - Size:41,9Kb
V.2 Beta 3 - Size:27Kb
V.2 Beta 4- Size:28Kb

Description: This version stays pretty much true to the original Spectrum version. It's got the same gfx (it even simulates colour clash), sound and music. (As with Manic Miner, the game utilizes scrolling to compensate for the Gameboy's low resolution.) In other words: A damn fine game! We're still dealing with beta-releases, but the beta four seems to be on it's way. No we've got a scrolltext, infinite lives, the writetyper mode and a load/save-option. I'll try and dig up some information on how to get hold of and use the flash carts that are necessary to port this game to a real Gameboy. I know some of you Willy-fans out there are mad enough to buy a Gameboy just to play Jet Set Willy in the elevator.

Visit the official JSW GameBoy-site

Thanx to these amazing guys for sending me files and information:
Paul Taylor, Sayman Mustafa, Marco Fichera

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Manic Miner

Company: ? - Author:Andy Noble?
Format: Zipped V64 - Size:105Kb
Description: Well, this certainly is the Andy Noble version (PC/Playstation) but who converted it is not that certain. N64-emulation is still very slow on my PII 400mhz, but the game works. Use Sunset or Nemu64... I wish I could play it on my real N64... (This is my way to tell you that I own a N64... Why? I don't know... I just have this compulsive need to tell people what electronic toys I've got...)
Ah, what the hell!... here's a list of the computer/console systems I have had in my posession:


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