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G A M E S : M S X

The MSX alongside the Spectrum is a computer perfectly suited for a games like JSW/MM, and due to it's more advanced (can't get less advanced i suppose...) sound chip the Microsoft standard hosts the best Miner games among the 8-bit systems...)
To save some time download my MSXMiner compilation in 'DSK'-format: DOWNLOAD! (336Kb) It includes all three games! (NOTE(!): JSW 1 is not cracked and requires colour code card...)

Manic Miner

Company: Software Projects - Author: Cameron Else
Format: ZIP - Size: 14,6Kb
Description: PERFECT!
Runs under MSX2-emulation...

Jet Set Willy

Company: Software Projects - Author:Cameron Else
Format: ZIP - Size: 13,2Kb
Description: Hmmm... I haven't got this one going yet due to lack colour code card... Anyway, I used to own Jet Set Willy for the good'ol MSX (original game!), and it was AWSOME! JUST LIKE THE SPECTRUM VERSION!!! (Well, the MSX did have better sound...)

Jet Set Willy II

Company: Software Projects - Author:Cameron Else
Format: ZIP - Size: 37,1Kb
Description: Perfect!


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