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Atari ST

I suppose there should be more than one Miner-game, on this well known system... Help!?

Jet Set Willy

Company: Software Projects - Author: Paul Taylor and Carl Whitwell
Format: Zipped PRG - Size:25Kb
Description: Ok, this is the official (but unreleased) version of JSW for the Amigas worst enemy. The game is impossible to distinguish from the speccy original! (Even down to the bleepish sound and most of the colour clash...)

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Atari 800 XL

Well, at the moment i can only give you Jet Set Willy. I have heard rumours about a Manic Miner for this system so if you've got it or can point me in any direction let me know! (Yes, I know threre's a game called 'Maniac Miner')

Jet Set Willy

Company: Tynesoft - Author:Mark Riddel
Format: Zipped ATR - Size:19,4Kb
Description: Well, this is without doubt the lousiest version of JSW ever! What a piss poor attempt at programming! But one thing makes up for it (bigtime!): Rob Hubbard did the music!!! Download and have the time of your life! (just don't play the game...)


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