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G A M E S : B B C

Right, I have converted Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy to the world famous ssd-format (for the BeebEm emulator). Haven't done JSW2 yet, but I will... Promise...

Manic Miner

Company: Software Projects - Author:D.J. Coathupe
Format: SSD (BeebEm format) - Size:23,2Kb
Description: Uh, mainly the same... except better sound and only 4 colours per screen...(After the *CAT-command type:'*RUN D.MANIC')
Download BBC-format (ZIP/ 15,6Kb)

Jet Set Willy

Company: Software Projects - Author:?
Format: SSD (BeebEm format) - Size:23,7Kb
Description: Same as with Manic Miner...(After the *CAT-command type:'CH. "H.JETSET"')
Download BBC-format (ZIP/ 17,7Kb)

Jet Set Willy II

Company: Software Projects - Author:?
Format: Zipped BBC-format - Size:18,0Kb
Description: I haven't tried this game yet. Original BBC Format only...


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