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Commodore 64

Remember - no colour clash on the '64 !

Get the Win64 Emulator from:
win64 emulator homepage

Downloads :
Manic Miner
Miner 2049er
Jet Set Willy & Jet Set Willy 2 - The Final Frontier (Both games in one file)
Jet Set Willy
Jet Set Willy II

Erix1 said: "Ach, Miner Willy on the 64?! Blasphemy! Anyway, during the years i have learned to appreciate the little grey box, and the Miner games definitely do not suck! "

Manic Miner
Company: Software Projects
Author:Chris and Kris Lancaster
Format: Zipped T64 Manic Miner
Size: 21,3Kb - COVER
Erix1 said: "Biggest fucking Eugene I ever saw...! Nice sound and no colour clash (As usual, being a c64 and all...) New gfx for Eugene... Sliding scroll text."

64mm-title.gif (5082 bytes) 64mm-centralcav.gif (3887 bytes)
The speccy screen size was retained in MM for C64, as you can see by the border.
64mm-eugene.gif (4567 bytes) 64mm-vat.gif (4077 bytes)
This was essential, as perfect pixel spacing made the game what it is.


Level select: POKE 16424,X(x=level) SYS 16384
Disable collision detection: POKE 16632,0 SYS 16384
Unlimited lives: POKE 16432,5 SYS 16640
Set number of lives: POKE 1624,X (x=lives) SYS 16640
Invincibility: POKE 16571,173 SYS 16640
Cheat mode: POKE 16573,234 POKE 16572,234 POKE 16571,234 SYS 16384
Cheat mode (*): POKE 16423,5 POKE 16571,173

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Miner 2049er
Company: Reston Software
Author: Bill Hogue & Frank G
Format: Zipped d64

miner2049er.jpg (7960 bytes) miner2049er1.jpg (16614 bytes)
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Company: Alligata
Author: Anthony Crowther
Format: Zipped T64

blagger.jpg (28264 bytes) blagger1.jpg (27475 bytes)
blagger2.jpg (25190 bytes) blagger3.jpg (24603 bytes)
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Jet Set Willy
Company: Software Projects
Author:Shahid Ahmad
Format: Zipped D64
Size: 26,9Kb- COVER
Erix1 said: "Great music!!! Movement is a bit yerky though... And the stairs look like... well, stairs..."

c64jsw1.gif (1545 bytes) c64jsw2.gif (2700 bytes)

Unlimited lives:
POKE 14711,165 SYS 8192
Unlimited lives (*): POKE 16424,255 SYS 16384
Unlimited lives (*): POKE 11345,33

What?!!! NO PIG!?
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Jet Set Willy 2 - The Final Frontier
Company: Software Projects
Author:J.Darnell & S.Britles
Format: Zipped D64 - Size: 68,6Kb (Incl. JSW 1)
Erix1 said: "Ok, I've got this one partially working with my emulator and it's a big improvement from JSW part one. The music is much better and the playfield much bigger! The speed seems to be the same though... (not quite up there with the Spectrum and CPC versions) "

C64 Cheats:

Unlimited lives:
POKE 20980,56 POKE 20981,234

Look! He's a pig!!!
64jsw2-bathroom.gif (4044 bytes) 64jsw2-nowyoureinit.gif (3275 bytes)
Look at the stairs!!
Note the larger playing area.
In the C64 version, you can go down the toilet...
Nice spelling by the Author.
Go right to Hades, or down To Thy Grave.
64jsw2-tothygrave.gif (3785 bytes) 64jsw2-dinkingvater.gif (3727 bytes)
No way out - this room 'wraps around'. Go right to... ...which is at the bottom of Well, Well, Well.

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VIC 20

This system has it's own Miner Willy Game:
Peril's of Willy!

The Peril's of Willy

Cover art
Perils of Willy - Whole cover (small)
Perils of Willy - Front
Perils of Willy - Inlay text

Company: Software Projects - Author:?
Format: PRG (16K) - Size:38,8Kb
Description: Jupp, truly a masterpiece for the 16K Vic-20! 33 screens and AWSOME music! (The gameplay fucking sucks but who cares? It's Miner Willy!!!)
Peril's of Willy review


Above screen shots from cassette inlay

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Plus/4 - C16

Manic Miner

Company: ? - Author:?
Format: PRG - Size:12Kb
Description: Hmmm… There's no opening screen, few colours and no sound. All this could be my emulator fooling me, but judging from the plus/4 version of JSW it might not be far from the truth. One would guess the game was made to be compatible with the less impressive C16, which would explain the lack of almost everything, but trying it out in C16-mode on my copy of the WinEmu-emulator* proves me wrong. I guess someone just did a lousy job.

*WinEmu is the Emulator of choice (so far). The game does not respond all that well with that Minus 4, screwing up the colours and much of the graphics (Some of the gfx just disappears…) On the WinEmu (with the digitised palette-option on), you get to see the game as it is, apart from some horrible pixel-on/off-things going on in the floor, walls and one of the nasty-attributes. I will try it out on the Mass-emulator both on MAC and PC, later, so stay posted. (When I get the time, I'll install Linux and check out the emulators on that OS) Actually, if anyone out there decides to try it out on other emulators, why don't you mail me and tell me how it went?

Eugene had to run some errands, so one of the "Software Projects"-Amoebatrons filled in for him.

Jet Set Willy

Company: ? - Author:?
Format: PRG - Size:12Kb
Description: Small version... Jerky movements... Low on colours... No music... Few sprites... But then again... Good for Plus/4 owners!... And C16 i suppose...

Jet Set Willy II

Company: ? - Author:I. Davidson
Format: Zipped PRG - Size:32Kb
Description: The game is split into four parts due to the massive amount of screens. Apart from that it looks like the other MM/JSW-Plus/4-versions (A bit stripped down, but OK...)

Discovered at C16/Plus4 ClassiX by Edward Martland  (SOA1000)


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