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As far as I know, only Manic Miner was ported to this system. If anyone knows otherwise, please mail me!

Want to learn more about the Enterprise?:
Enterprise Depository and Emulator Project
Direct-X Enterprise Emulator by Kevin Thacker

Manic Miner

Company: 'A' Studio - Year: 1986
Format: ZIP (16K) - Size:21Kb
Description: Very faithful to the Spectrum version. The use of "Brights" found in the Speccy version haven't been included so colour-wize it's slightly inferior (The Solar Power Generator suffers from this as in most other non-Speccy versions). Apart from that it's just the scroller and very minor details that makes it distinguishable from the original.

Instructions on how to load the game with the Direct-X Enterprise Emulator by Kevin Thacker: First of all unzip the game in a suitable directory. (I know you have to unzip this game in two operations, but I couldn't be bothered to fix it…) Then you will have to disable the disk-access-file called Exdos.rom, by renaming it/ deleting it/ editing the config-file…(There's probably a more professional way to disable the EXDOS, but I don't have the time for that kind of research…) Run the emulator and select "Select Directory for Tape files" from the File-menu, and choose the directory where you put your Manic Miner-files. Then just type run "manic.app" and have the time of your life!

Thanx to Paul Taylor for letting me know this game existed.


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