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Zx81 & Z88

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Z X 8 1

Yawohl! Pinch me in ze nippelz! Miner Willy on the Sinclair zx81!?

Manic Miner

Company: - Author:Ales Martinik
Format: Zipped "p"-format - Size:6,48kbKb
Description: Whowh! Who would have believed this? Manic Miner for the good'ol zx81? And it's great too! 11 screens of hi-res gfx! One of the best games ever for this lovable little computer! Try it out using for example one of the Xtender-emulators! (Just put the file in the same directory as the emulator, load the program and type 'Load "manic"' (Use the 'j'-button for the 'load'-command (same as the speccy...)) The game was brought to me by the utterly amazing: Carl Murray

Z 8 8

Jepp, another Sir Clive-product and it's Willy's...
Don't know much about the Z88? Surf on over to Z88 Forever!, for tons of information and software.

Manic Miner '88

Author:Garry Lancaster - Year:1998
Manic Miner Ram-installable version - Size:16Kb
Manic Miner Application version - Size:16Kb

Alternative sets of caverns*
Manic Miner 2 - Size:10Kb
Manic Miner 3 - Size:11Kb
Manic Miner 4 - Size:14Kb
Manic Miner 5 - Size:12Kb
Manic Miner 7 - Size:8Kb
Manic Miner: The Buddha of Suburbia - Size:14Kb

* Extra rooms which can be loaded into Manic Miner '88. Most of them allow walking off the screen's edges, which may corrupt your Z88's memory, so use them at own risk (and back-up the contents of your Z88 before playing). Manic Miner 3 and Manic Miner 5 seems to be safe.

Description: Well, I can't tell you much about this game. I actually managed to load it into a Z88-emulator and execute it, (after hours of trying and failing) only to find out the keyboard wouldn't work. The Z88-wizards at Z88 Forever!, could confirm that Manic Miner utilizes the hardware to detect keypress, while the emulator strictly goes for OS-detection (Or something like that...). So, it seems if you wanna run this game on an emulator, all you get is the welcome-screen. If someone proves me wrong, please let me know!

For more information read the text-file included with the game and visit the official Manic Miner '88-site

Screen shot found at the official Manic Miner '88-site

Jet Set Willy Z88

Author:Dominic Morris - Year:1998
Machine code version - Size:20Kb
RAM-installable version - Size:18Kb
Z88 Application - Size:19Kb

Description: The same keyboard-problems found in Manic Miner '88 goes for emulator-users here too...

For more information read the text-file included with the game and visit the official JSW Z88-sites: JSW Application and JSW Z88 (machine-code version)

Screen shots found at the official JSW Z88-sites

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