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Mass Collaboration

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JSW - Utility Cubicles (128k)

Sendy is co-ordinating the mass collaboration project, which he started by converting Stuart Hill's Utility Cubicles to JSW128. The aim is to get as many JSW authors as possible to contribute. Each author works on the game for a while, and then passes it on. sendy has founded a Yahoo! Club called the jsw mass collaboration - you should join this club if you want to be in on this project.

Those who have already contributed to the game are Sendy himself, Soa1000, Gawp and Filsoft. It looks like Scottigeuk is up next, then Jet Visy, who's just joined up...


UC128-edwardbear-GAWP.gif (3447 bytes) UC128-blueroom-SJHILL-SENDY.gif (2915 bytes)
Gawp SJ Hill / Sendy
UC128-phantasmagoria-GAWP.gif (3549 bytes) UC128-condoms-SOA.gif (3481 bytes)
Gawp Soa
UC128-eastwall-SJHILL.gif (3111 bytes) UC128-economyofspace-SJHILL-SENDY.gif (3934 bytes)
SJ Hill SJ Hill / Sendy
UC128-hells8acres-GAWP.gif (3770 bytes) UC128-kings-SOA.gif (2771 bytes)
Gawp Soa
UC128-mrSmithnever-SENDY.gif (4424 bytes) UC128-passageways-SJHILL.gif (3921 bytes)
Sendy SJ Hill
See Gawp's section so far mapped

Manic Miner - Mass Collaboration

Jet Visy is co-ordinating the MM mass collaboration project. He has cancelled his MM game The Epitaph of the Manic Mining Robot due to lack of time, but the rooms he had written for it will appear in this collaboration. Join the MM Mass Collaboration Yahoo club if you're interested or want to contribute some rooms....

Those who have already signed up are Sendy, Soa1000, Gawp,
Scottigeuk and Jet Visy obviously.



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